I Married My Best Friend

I had pictured myself on my wedding wearing the most gorgeous gown and surrounded by beaming faces of family and friends. Sadly, due to COVID19, our wedding was far from the one I had dreamed of. The pre-nuptial photos taken in the mountains while lugging our backpacks, the “Wat-Wat” and the “Gangsa” were changed to... Continue Reading →

Hi, I Am Darku!

Hi, I’m Darku. My fur mom says I am cute and devilish at the same time. I know I am cute all over, so I do not understand why she thinks I am a “little devil” as she claims. Even the lady said I look so “gwapo” when we went for a walk one time.... Continue Reading →

Hiking Mt. Tabayoc

Like most hikes I joined in, the decision to hike Mt. Tabayoc was spontaneous while I was browsing Facebook. Since my brother has not had the chance to hike mountains in our hometown, I thought of asking him to come along. The rare occasions that I get to do fitness with my brother only involved... Continue Reading →

It Takes Two to Tango

         When you are not compelled to write something, it can take an eternity for that spark of inspiration to materialize into words worth reading. After being absent from the blogsphere for a year, I like to believe that my blogging hiatus has finally reached its end rather than acknowledging the fact... Continue Reading →

Mt. Pokgong-Gaswiling Ridge Circuit Exploration

Mt. Pokgong-Gaswiling Ridge Circuit Location: Barangay Ambongdolan, Tublay, Benguet Difficulty: 7/9 circuit Highest peak: 1,475 MASL Days required: 1 night and 2 days Trail Class 1-3 Features: Rice terraces, grasslands, bamboos, pine ridges                  I have always admired what the members of the 18degreesoutdoor club do on a... Continue Reading →

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