Life Goes On

             It’s almost one in the morning, and you’re under your crumpled sheets tossing and turning like the world is about to end. The lack of sleeping hormones in your body right now is giving your bed unbearable tantrums. You could consider its creaking sounds swearing at you for not having an ounce of pity. Lying on … Continue reading Life Goes On


You Will Get There.. Eventually

          It's like swallowing Grit when you don't want to lose something but it's already heading to an end. You try to stop that force with all your might but you're slowly losing control. You try to hold on to it, but it is deliberately slipping away from your fingertips. It's … Continue reading You Will Get There.. Eventually

To Hell With This Pride

“To hell with this pride, let if fall like rain from my eyes” Keith Urban “Tonight I Want to Cry”           As my shaky fingers start tapping my keyboard, my body is shivering trying to wrap my head around questions I do not know the answer. There was a time when I thought everything was … Continue reading To Hell With This Pride

When The Heart Begs

As she struggled to unshackle herself from the spell of his deceitful eyes, she bowed her heavy head and silently prayed to all the deities. Her mind fazed while her heart howled in desperation, begging the unknown for some answers. Why was it HIM when there was someone better. Someone who would love her more … Continue reading When The Heart Begs

And Then There Was You

                  As I put my phone in my purse, my friend suddenly asked the question “Do you miss him?” I was dumbfounded for a second because I didn’t know how to respond. I was waiting for that piercing feeling in my chest to take over, but it did not happen. … Continue reading And Then There Was You

Another Year of Awesomeness

          Trying to get my brain cells to construct words for a decent blog post right now is such a daunting task when I’d rather crawl under the covers and binge-watch anime. But because it has been customary for me to rant about “getting a year older” on this particular day … Continue reading Another Year of Awesomeness