Rappelling, Swimming and Exploring Bengaongao and Paterno Caves in Ambongdolan, Tublay

      "Love at first sight,” while this phenomenon occurs once or twice in a person’s lifetime, the chance of experiencing this with nature can happen multiple times. I have multiple love affairs with nature and the places I visited in the past. There was that time I fell in love with the mesmerizing … Continue reading Rappelling, Swimming and Exploring Bengaongao and Paterno Caves in Ambongdolan, Tublay


Mt. Pokgong-Gaswiling Ridge Circuit Exploration

Mt. Pokgong-Gaswiling Ridge Circuit Location: Barangay Ambongdolan, Tublay, Benguet Difficulty: 7/9 circuit Highest peak: 1,475 MASL Days required: 1 night and 2 days Trail Class 1-3 Features: Rice terraces, grasslands, bamboos, pine ridges                  I have always admired what the members of the 18degreesoutdoor club do on a … Continue reading Mt. Pokgong-Gaswiling Ridge Circuit Exploration

Trekking Mt. Pinatubo, Zambales, Philippines

         I never expected to visit Mt. Pinatubo until I saw one of my friend’s pictures she posted on Facebook. With the help of another friend who is currently pregnant, we decided to DIY the trip. It was initially me and her husband who wanted to trek, but I decided to invite … Continue reading Trekking Mt. Pinatubo, Zambales, Philippines

Rock Climbing in Poog, Cebu

            If you are up for an adrenaline sport while in Cebu, one activity you can add to your itinerary is rock climbing. It will test your personality, tenacity, strength and endurance. Completing one route especially for beginners is a great achievement. You swear. You sweat. You sometimes cry. But … Continue reading Rock Climbing in Poog, Cebu

Mt. Purgatory Traverse Day Hike- The Hexalogy

                       It was another spur of the moment decision when I decided to join one more major hike before I leave Baguio City. I mentioned this to a friend prior, and he was more than willing to join me. We met at four-thirty in the … Continue reading Mt. Purgatory Traverse Day Hike- The Hexalogy

Hiking The Majestic Badi Falls

           There is always something about the mountains beckoning me to explore their hidden beauty every time I come home. After my sanduning, beaching, sun-bathing and snorkelling shenanigans in Coron, La Union, Ilocos Sur and Norte, I decided it was about time to visit the mountains again. Hiking the majestic Badi … Continue reading Hiking The Majestic Badi Falls